Multiply on Your Maximizing Resources – Part 2

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Last time we talked about how to start multiplying on the resources you worked on maximizing. We covered the following areas:

  1. Call in the Troops
  2. Bring ‘Em Out of the Woodwork
  3. Black Sheep Clients
    Today we’ll talk about the next three:
  4. Olympic-Size Sales Staff
  5. Open Water Fishing
  6. Call for Back-Up

Olympic-Size Sales Staff
Now we all know you can’t have a sales staff of 10,000 who work around the clock for free, but there is a tool that will do exactly that-direct mail marketing.
Direct mail is a written piece of sales and informative copy that offers information about your company and your products/services to potential customers/clients. You can send letters, brochures, or proposals that can be mailed out to a list of leads.
This approach can not only open your door to thousands of new customers/clients, but it can also save you thousands in advertising.

Open Water Fishing
You have to be careful not to waste your time on clients who are simply not interested.
You have to focus on bigger fish. Remember, the lessons we talked about previously about how you should always be targeting higher-quality prospects.
To do this you have to take the time to research and learn about your potential clients to make sure you are targeting the right companies to work with. Make sure they are companies who will benefit from your products/services over a long period of time.

If you’re not sure where to start in finding big fish clients, go back over our previous lessons or look into purchasing a direct mailing list that specifically targets the clients you need. You can purchase lists with name, title, job specs, and contact information. This gives you a jumping-off point in finding high-quality clients.

Call for Back-Up
Don’t be afraid of telemarketing. It’s a powerful tool that can be done tastefully and be highly effective. However, keep in mind, when not handled correctly can bring about negative reactions. To be successful with telemarketing you need to use these tips:

  1. Your first line of defense should be mail marketing.
  2. Test before you start a telemarketing campaign.
  3. Set the price for your offer.
  4. Use a progressive approach with your campaign.
    Progressive contact helps build trust and allow the potential customer/client to establish a positive relationship with you. These are the progressive steps you should take:
    1. Put your prospect at ease.
    2. Present your offer in a natural, conversational way.
    3. Avoid being argumentative or pushy.
    4. Always be honest.
    5. Perfect your 30-second elevator speech.
    6. Clearly state your name, business name, the reason you’re calling, and where you got their information.
    7. Offer the benefits of your products and services.
    8. Mention one of the features that back up the benefits.
  5. Ask preliminary questions that give you information about the prospect.
    These step-by-step methods can help you be successful with a telemarketing campaign and avoid a negative response that could stigmatize your business forever.
    This wraps up these three areas of multiplying your resources. We’ll continue with this series for the next two posts to give you all the resources you need to get the most out of your current resources.
    If you need help working through any of these processes or areas, try our GUIDED TOUR to get access to our wealth of resources and tools.

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